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Here at Savvy Retreats, LLC, we LOVE the great outdoors and want to be able to share our passion with as many folks as possible.  We know how difficult it can be to purchase your own property so we created an affordable way for you to be able to experience the great outdoors and to connect with Mother Nature without the hefty price tag that frequently comes with acquiring private property.


All of our properties are privately held so whenever you book one of our nightly land rentals, you and your crew will be the only folks on the property!  When you stay at one of our properties, you won't have to worry about having strangers at a camp site 20-30 yards from yours.  Our properties are larger acreage parcels of raw land where you can truly enjoy everything that the wilderness has to offer without being surrounded by other people on all sides!

When was the last time you could grab your tent, RV, vehicle, or even just a sleeping bag and head out to a property that you'll have all to yourself?  Our properties are great for a variety of events - camping trips, family outings, weekend warrior trips, cub scout and boy scout camping trips, girl scout camping trips, weekends are for the boys, weekends are for the girls, escaping the city and rejuvenating, teaching your kids how to pitch a tent and build a camp fire, hunting (on select properties), etc. etc. etc.!

We look forward to hearing about your experiences on our properties and hope you are able to make many lasting memories on each of your stays!

Matt Peterson, Owner

Savvy Retreats, LLC

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